TV Composers Stressed About Intro Skip Button

John Turturro in Severance

John Turturro in Breakup
Chart: AppleTV+

To like Ted Lasso but hate Mumford & Sons? The intro skip button is there for you. While it may be a blessing for impatient viewers, this piece of streaming UI poses a unique challenge for television composers who want their work to be heard. A new report from Varietynoting that Netflix says users click “skip intro” 136 million times a day, asks this year’s Emmy nominees for Outstanding Original Score of Main Title Theme to weigh in on the state of their industry .

“It makes people want to up their game and do something so catchy that people want to hear it,” describes Natalie Holt, who was nominated for Loki. While she certainly put in the work for the retrofuturistic theme of God of Mischief, it must be a relief that her show is part of a franchise that has trained its fans to stick to the credits. (When it comes to getting his work heard, Holt has even bigger concerns: she had written 90 minutes of bat girl score before the HBO Max movie release unceremoniously.)

The title sequence of Only murders in the building is frequently edited to include easter eggs for new details in the mystery, so eagle-eyed viewers stay focused for those extra 51 seconds, which Siddhartha Khosla calls “the biggest and most eye-catching part of the chorus”. The Arconiacs also don’t have as many choices, as Hulu is one of the only streaming services that doesn’t have a skip intro button.

Theodore Shapiro, whose strange Breakup The theme “underscored the idea of ​​this show as one big puzzle”, has the benefit of its work being paired with artist Oliver Latta’s unique and trippy visuals in the opening title sequence. While it may not offer as many clues to Lumon’s conspiracy as fans might hope, this coffee mug full of little Adam Scott impossible to look away.

Severance – 2022 Official Intro Title Sequence / Credits / 4K Overture (Apple TV+) | extraweg

Composers must also keep other concerns in mind when adapting to current performance consumption patterns.

“I had to make music that sounded good not only in theaters but also on cellphones,” Netflix’s Jung Jae-il said. squid game recount Variety. “I refrained from using very low notes or dramatic changes in dynamics to ensure the music would sound great when heard through headphones or laptop speakers.”

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