Tom Riccobono on alto trombone, classical composers and seizing opportunities

trombonist Tom Ricobono is the star soloist of Traverse Symphony Orchestranext concert on Sunday 23 October.

He will perform Georg Christoph Wagenseil’s Trombone Concerto with the TSO.

He decided that the Wagenseil Concerto was an appropriate selection for this weekend’s programme, given that the concert includes another major work from the classical era, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 41.

Tom Riccobono performs regularly as a conductor for ensembles throughout the region and also teaches full-time at the Interlochen Academy of the Arts.

Acknowledging his busy schedule, Riccobono says he appreciates the opportunities in the region.

“I think we’re so lucky to have such a rich environment with the arts in Traverse City, and it’s a pleasure to be involved in so many things.”

The Traverse Symphony Orchestra will perform on Sunday October 23 at 3:00 p.m. at the Corson Auditorium in Interlochen. More information available here.

Music performed:
Georg Christoph Wagenseil, Concerto for trombone and small orchestra

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