TM composers in mission churches

In our busy life, classical music is a moment of pause. It is a catalyst for personal reflection, meaningful dialogue and community building.

In my previous solo project, “Decommissioned,” I recorded tender fiddle music in the brutal, abandoned Cold War-era radar towers and ballistic missile defense structures of Montana. For viewers, that meant using music to pause and reflect on this part of our local and national history. Many of us have the luxury of going about our daily lives without ever thinking about the nuclear weapons surrounding a remote town in Montana. “Decommissioned” served as a musical window into this nuclear world.

The same way “Decommissioned” brought to light a corner of Montana that many people don’t visit or think about, “Re-envisioned: Montana Composers in Mission Churches” aims to do the same.

This project is a video album recorded on location at early missionary church sites in Montana. The music was written to specifically and poignantly address the complex history of each location by Montana composers Phillip Aaberg, Grant Harville, Charles Nichols and myself. This music is performed at St. Mary’s Mission in Stevensville, St. Ignatius Mission on the Flathead Reservation, St. Peter’s Mission outside Cascade, and the Pink Church on the Fort Belknap Reservation.

By pre-ordering this album, you will receive a physical USB album of the live video recordings, which you can watch on your computer or play on any car stereo with a USB drive. It will also include links to watch online.

The production of this video album and the creation of these new compositions were fully funded by a generous grant from the Montana Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Rescue Plan Act. The $10 pre-order price just covers shipping and handling to get this music to you, the curious and the curious.

We collectively acknowledge that this music was written and recorded on the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands of the Salish (Selish), Kootenai (Ksanka), Blackfeet (Niitsitapi/Pikuni), Gros Ventre (A’aninin) and Little Shell Chippewa (Annishinabe and Metis). We recognize, honor and respect these nations as traditional and permanent stewards of this land where we meet, live and work.

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