Three songwriters turn out to be terrific performers at Klipsch Auditorium’s Songwriters Showcase – SWARK Today

Trey Johnson, Dave Almond and Jason Helms perform Saturday night at the Songwriters Showcase, sponsored by the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association.

A few hours after dark, three singer-songwriter guitarists performed their songs under the lights of the Klipsch auditorium in front of a nearly full audience.

Their distinctive writing styles were clearly apparent, with Dave Almond, the most veteran performer, playing and singing his cuts of country blues that spoke of breaking loose near hayfields, Trey Johnson playing the role of a passionate troubadour and pleasant with jokes in his lyrics and Jason Helms plumbed the depths of amorous despair and played solos throughout his music and that of his stage mates that recalled the feelings that galloped across the distances between the heart, the body and brain.

Beautiful playing occurred as the artists accompanied themselves on three guitars that echoed through the theater like the commentary of choirs from beyond on the earnest singers’ descriptions of visits savored or not, romances ended or not. , second chances offered and not.

Applause from those seated was frequent, as was their laughter, with each musician introducing most of the tracks with a tightly-described, sometimes self-deprecating, story of their origins. When the music ended just after 9:00 p.m., the crowd stood up and cheered as one.

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