The Hitmakers: 10 black British songwriters you need to know

Whether it’s indie, rap, rock, Afroswing, grime, pop or anything else, the UK has always had a place at the top of the world. Part of that is a still-thriving underground music scene, whose emerging stars rise to dictate how the charts look, but perhaps even more important than that, it’s the gamers behind the scenes who move in and out. adjust on a hairpin – the songwriters.

In years past, songwriters have played a number of different roles. The Brill Building in New York, for example, was the engine that powered the first iteration of the pop music machine, knocking out hits like the Archies’ “Sugar” and the Shangri-Las’ “Walking In The Sand.” i.e. the “Oh no!” song that was all over TikTok last summer). isn’t as revered as it should be. Writing an era-defining hit that will be remembered for decades is a phenomenal achievement in itself, but the writers of the songs we’ve selected in this list did it, in some cases, dozens of times and for several artists.And their ability to adapt does not only apply to trends: they also have to change their style with each new artist.

Writing songs for some of the biggest artists in the world is a great gift, but it’s not always the most immediately recognized or respected. Whether you like music or not, talent is talent and you can’t ignore it. That being said, here are 10 Black British songwriters you need to know about today.

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