The era of solo composers is back: Vishal Mishra

Singer-songwriter Vishal Mishra is happy that the era of solo composer in Hindi film industry is gradually returning. And he, too, focuses on projects that he can fully take on.

“Now I have started to add this clause in my contracts that if I compose the music, all the songs must be mine. Ab naam ho gaya hai, to dikhat bhi nahi hoti! I am very happy that the era of solo composers has come back. As an artist, when you own something, improve it and that property is reflected in his work,” says the Kaise Hua (Kabir Singh) singer.

The Lucknowite, during his recent visit to his hometown, said it was an amazing time for film music as well as indie songs.

“During the pandemic, since we didn’t have a lot of movie releases, the focus was more on private songs. But now the movies are back in full force, and so are the songs. In the past month, I’ve released at least 10 movie songs and by God’s grace, they’re all doing well! I think I’ll end 2022 with at least 50 songs released.

So, will private songs take a back seat? “Not at all, he will take the place of the corridor! The focus is currently on films that are shot in large numbers. But both together work well for me.

Choosing to compose rather than sing, Mishra says, “I am a composer first and I will always prefer it to singing. I feel blessed that people love my voice and make me sing. I’m not tempted to sing at all and when I compose, I make it a point not to sing more than one song in a film.

Mishra broadened her horizons with a hit parade like Naacho-Naacho (RRR2022) and Kannada movie Yuvarathna (2021). “You see we are both (Hindi and South makers) very emotional. The language may be different, but the emotions are the same for everyone. So whether it’s Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or any language, I’m up for anything! Kamaal ka kaam karte hai wohh aur mujhe bahut maza aaya. But, in the end, it’s India,” he concludes.

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