The Effectiveness of Protest Songs – Four Songwriters Discuss Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast #121

Are protest songs effective, either as protest or songs? Your host Marc Linsenmayer is joined by Lilli Lewis, Rod Picotand Tyler Hislop to discuss how protest works in various musical genres, who it’s for, and when it goes wrong. Is the day of the protest song over or is it alive and well?

Rod mentions how Bruce Springsteen clarified the political nature of “Born in USA» by rearranging it (and Neil Young also with «Rockin’ in the free world. “) We also mention “Massacre of 1913,” “Fuck the police,” “Panels,” “Ohio,” “we are the world,” “Why we are building the wall“, shitty protest songs against COVID restrictions, hip hop for respectand more.

Lilli mentions Crys Matthews. Brand mentions this article on Twisted Sister and their song used for Ukraine. To visit regarding. Ukraine.

Each of us has written a kind of political song: Stem, Lili, Tylerand To mark. Learn more about current versions of Lilli and Rod at and

Some items with more listings and such include:

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