Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Songwriters Include Zoe Kravitz

Swift and Kravitz, in matching Midnight Black.
Photo: Getty Images

As we now know, Taylor Swift wants our midnights. But whose midnight has she already got? The pop star has confirmed that she is working with producer Jack Antonoff again, as well as her longtime collaborator Lana Del Rey, on her upcoming tenth album. Now a set of songwriting credits available on iTunes further clarifies the Midnights crew. Swift’s longtime friend and former quarantine boyfriend Zoë Kravitz is credited on the opener, “Lavender Haze.” Swift doesn’t usually drag her famous friends into writing sessions, but that makes a little more sense — Kravitz is also part of a duo called Lolawolf, and is actually work on an album with Antonoff, who also wrote about “Lavender Haze”. This song also credits Soundwave (who previously worked on Lover“London Boy”) and Sam Dew, who are Antonoff’s teammates in the Red Hearse project, as well as Jahaan Sweet, who has worked with Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar. Sweet, Sounwave and Antonoff also worked on “Karma”, with hip-hop producer Keanu Torres. Swift wrote on every track, as if you had to ask.

Swift also appears to have shared a few midnights with folklore contributor William Bowery, who co-wrote on “Sweet Nothing”. And, of course, it’s totally unlike Swift sharing midnights with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, who we’re guessing is spending many midnights with the pop star. As for the rest of the album, it looks like Swift has moved on from her Aaron Dessner era and spinning into a Jack Antonoff joint. Antonoff, who has worked with Swift for 1989“Out of the Woods” is credited on 11 of the 13 tracks — all but “Sweet Nothing” and “Vigilante Shit,” which Swift wrote alone. It’s a change from Swift’s last album, still, where Antonoff had only one “gold rush” credit. For your viewing pleasure, find the complete songwriting credits below, on iTunes.

1. Lavender Haze: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Zoë Kravitz, Mark Anthony Spears, Jahaan Akil Sweet and Sam Dew
2. Brown: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
3. Anti-heroes: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
4. Snow on the Beach (with Lana Del Rey): Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff and Lana Del Rey
5. You’re all alone, kid: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
6. Midnight Rain: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
7. Questions…? : Taylor Swift & Jack Antonoff
8. Vigilant Shit: Taylor Swift
9. Jeweled: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
10. Labyrinth: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff
11. Karma: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Mark Anthony Spears, Keanu Torres and Jahaan Akil Sweet
12. Nothing Sweet: Taylor Swift and William Bowery
13. Brain: Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff

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