String Sessions: symphonic strings meet talented songwriters

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String Sessions is a collaboration between the Perth Symphony Orchestra and singer-songwriters from Western Australia. Jessie Gordon and Phil Walleystack have toured the world with their original music and unique take on well-known classics. They will each take the stage to share their stories, their inspiration and their journey.

Jesse Gordon joined Bec and Jeziel to share some of his stories and the great musical evening you can expect. “It’s going to be absolutely huge, intense, wonderful, overwhelming, moving. It’s gonna be a trip.“For 3 months, Jesse has been touring Europe with his group. Visit Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In addition to performing solo concerts throughout Italy and Spain.

Her favorite place to perform

But despite all the beautiful countries she has traveled to, her favorite spot depends on the audience and their mood. “You can have an amazing performance, but if you’re super tired or something’s going on for you emotionally, it can be hard to open up to a nice audience. There are times when the audience isn’t that warm, but you’re so open to playing with your whole being. Geography doesn’t matter so much, it’s a combination of how I feel and what kind of audience I have.She also finds joy in performing her own original music. “There’s a real thrill and joy that comes from that, it’s irreplaceable.”

The highlight of his career

His most memorable performance was when everything seemed to go wrong. Jesse and his friend were scheduled to perform a late night concert at a festival in Italy. But after her friend fell ill at the last minute, she had to find a replacement quickly. There was no time to rehearse or even talk to each other and everything got delayed so they played between 2am and 5am. “In this abandoned hotel courtyard watching the sunrise with people dancing. It was this beautiful, perfect, amazing performance that was so unplanned and so unrehearsed but so magical..”

Reserve your tickets!

String Sessions takes place on Thursday, October 6 at La Récabite. Get more information and book your tickets here. “To see an artist live, you’re supporting the arts, you’re doing a wonderful, brave, wild thing to come out and support the musicians who depend on you for their livelihood”

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