Sony Music Publishing donates $100,000 to songwriters organization – Billboard

Sony Music Publishing is donating $100,000 to The 100 Percenters, a 250-member organization that champions music creators with a focus on BIPOC and marginalized songwriters, composers and producers, it has been announced. Tuesday April 12. The money will help provide financial relief through the organization’s songwriter stimulation program and its emergency fund, both set to launch later this year, as well as other efforts.

“It is an honor to have the support of [Sony Music Publishing chairman and CEO] Jon Plattsaid the founder and executive director of 100 Percenters Tiffany Red. “He heard us and acted in ways I never could have imagined. This is just the beginning.”

SMP’s relationship with The 100 Percenters – which recently sponsored a rally outside Spotify’s former headquarters in Los Angeles demanding higher payments from Spotify and other DSPs – dates back to last fall, when Red, a Grammy-winning songwriter, came to Platt’s attention through a series of social media posts condemning what she said was a practice by some publishing companies of keeping writers linked to unfair contracts before they can collect payment for their work. (Maria Lyonssenior advisory board member of The 100 Percenters, also made a key phone call.)

“My goal was to try to speak to the leaders of our company, the people who can make change, and inspire them to do the right thing and just listen to us,” Red says. “Jon was the only one to open the door.”

What started as an Instagram whim turned into a face-to-face meeting of the minds at SMP’s Los Angeles offices, and an extensive following.

“He sat down with me and my board, and we had a real conversation,” Red continues. “He gave us the opportunity to not only tell our stories, but also to be human, and to achieve it on a human level as well.”

In February, SMP also launched Songwriter Assistance, a program that offers its entire roster of songwriters and composers access to free and confidential counseling services and wellness resources 24/7. 7.

Since that first meeting with Sony in September, Red says she’s now engaged in conversations with several other publishers and organizations.

A portion of the SMP funds will go towards stimulus checks, which will be distributed in two phases, which will provide $2,500 to qualified songwriters who will be selected by lottery. Recipients must have worked as a professional songwriter for a year or more, have at least three or more songwriting credits on, be a US citizen, and be a member of The 100 Percenters.

Going forward, Red has both short-term goals — including additional grassroots efforts to elevate the songwriting community — and long-term aspirations for the change The 100 Percenters strives to bring about. ‘carry out.

“I think about how the work we’re doing right now will impact the culture of this company and make it a more fair and just place for everyone,” she says. “I’m thrilled that there’s a generation of songwriters who know nothing about not getting paid and have a seat at the table. I can’t wait for that.

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