Six young composers chosen for ReClassified Festival

South Australia’s new music festival ReClassified has announced its choice of six emerging composers for its inaugural year, taking place over three Sundays in November.

Connor Fogarty, Esmond Choi, Aaron Pelle, Lauren McCormick, Georgina Bowden and Hannah Wilkinson will write and compose workshops for a trio of musicians for the festival. Under the mentorship of established composers including Anne Cawrse, David John Lang, Rachel Bruerville and Martin Cheney, the works will be developed for performance at North Adelaide Baptist Church and Hall, Stangate House, Aldgate and Z-Ward, Glenside.

Esmond Choi, Lauren McCormick, Hannah Wilkinson, Aaron Pelle, Connor Fogarty. Photo provided.

“To be a composer, you have to be insatiably curious and prepared for a lifetime of learning. I feel that the team of composers and performers that we have assembled for Reclassified will all learn from each other and together create a very special and meaningful musical experience,” says Anne Cawrse, Mentor and Workshop Facilitator, of the selected artists. Participants were selected based on “the quality of their pre-existing work, and their demonstration of an open appetite for collaboration and learning”.

Festival attendee Hannah Wilkinson talks about what ReClassified offers an emerging composer.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me as I get to write something for extremely skilled artists and customize the work for such a unique space. It provides an opportunity for experimentation with technique and feedback high quality, which is invaluable for a student like me.”

The trios are made up of eminent Australian musicians, including clarinetists Dean Newcomb and Mitch Berick, oboist Joshua Oates, cellist Tom Marlin, organist Josh van Konkelenberg, mezzo soprano Cheryl Pickering, flautist Melanie Walters and violinist Helen Ayers. Funded by a grant from Arts South Australia, the festival creates space for a “wonderful investment in emerging composers” and the “invaluable” experience of workshopping and performing their pieces, according to participant Lauren McCormick .

“I’m thrilled to be a part of ReClassified under such great mentorship. [It gives] gives us the opportunity to learn and grow with the knowledge that experienced performers can provide, while allowing us – as individuals – to hone our own creative voice.

The ReClassified Festival will take place on November 6, 13 and 20. More information here.

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