Singers and songwriters, send in your best ideas for the new school song for Rock Ridge

When Rock Ridge opens its new vocational high school in the fall, they’ll need a new song.

“Great school songs have a lot of energy, have a fast tempo, and build spirit by lighting up the school for competitions and getting them ready for games,” explained Kevin Szumal, band manager at Eveleth. -Gilbert.

The district is looking for submissions from anyone and everyone!

“If you have the lyrics, melody and harmony, we can work with you on how to make a great school song,” Daniel Melby added. He’s the manager of the group in Virginia. “We are going to be the best school in the world and we also want to have the best song.”

Submissions must include melody and lyrics and be approximately 90 seconds long. They can be in audio, video or written format.

These will be narrowed down and the Rock Ridge community can vote for the finalists.

Superintendent Dr. Noel Schmidt said it would be fun if the community helped choose the song, as they also helped with the building names, colors and mascot.

Your ideas should be sent to by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 19.

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