New festival appeals to emerging composers and musicians

A new music festival, titled ReClassified, is heading to Adelaide’s events calendar this spring. The ReClassified Festival will take place over three Sundays in November 2022.

ReClassified is currently calling on emerging composers from South Australia to produce an original composition for the Festival, which will be an avenue to engage professional and emerging artists to collaborate and perform these new works.

Recitals Australia Chairman Mark de Raad said: “ReClassified aims to reflect and celebrate the creators of classical music who live and breathe our city. This demonstrates that they are relevant, competent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their craft, and eager to share their creations. with the wider community and the world”.

Applications from emerging composers are invited to participate in the project. Apply to Recitals Australia Applications close Friday, July 22, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. SA time.

ReClassified seeks to provide vital educational opportunities for emerging composers through the Recitals Australia (RA) Emerging Artists Programme. Here, emerging composers will apply for the opportunity to write chamber works and have those pieces worked on in the studio under the guidance of Dr Anne Cawrse and other established local mentor composers. Selected composers will then have their final works performed publicly by experienced musicians and recorded as part of the ReClassified festival. Anne says, “it’s a great way to live and build working relationships with established musicians and songwriters.”

The composers will write works for trios of professional musicians including: Dean Newcomb – clarinet, Mitch Berick – clarinet/bass clarinet, Joshua Oates – oboe, Martin Alexander – viola, Tom Marlin – cello, Josh van Konkelenberg – organ, Cheryl Pickering – mezzo-soprano, Melanie Walters – flute, Helen Ayres – violin.

ReClassified’s mentor composers are: Anne Cawrse, David John Lang, Rachel Bruerville and Martin Cheney.

ReClassified workshops will take place at North Adelaide Baptist Church Hall. November festival performances will take place at North Adelaide Baptist Church and Hall, Stangate House, Aldgate and Z-Ward, Glenside.

ReClassified has received a grant from the Government of South Australia through Arts South Australia, enabling the project to expand its reach and ensure artists and composers are compensated for their valuable time.

Anne Cawrse is an award-winning composer of orchestral, chamber, solo and choral works. His music is described as “seductively beautiful” and “deeply revealing”, and it has been commissioned by many of Australia’s leading orchestras, ensembles and soloists, including the Adelaide and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras, the Australian strings and Adelaide chamber singers.

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