Music by Azerbaijani, Jewish and Turkish composers premiered at Carnegie Hall

By Orientation

The National Music & Global Culture Society, led by founder and concert pianist Nargiz Aliyarova, will perform a concert titled “Bridges of Friendship” at Carnegie Hall in New York on November 22, 2022, Orientation reports.

The aim of the concert, where the music of Jewish, Turkish and Azerbaijani composers will be performed, is to unite these three communities and strengthen friendly relations across the world of classical music.

The event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov will bring together a couple of world-renowned musicians – violinist Alexander Markov and pianist Nargiz Aliyarova, as well as the New York International Virtuosi Orchestra (NYIVO) conducted by conductor conductor Fuad Ibrahimov.

The event will feature the world premiere of Grammy-nominated “Vox in Terra” by Turkish composer Faruk Kanca, as well as the US premiere of Concerto on Arabic Themes for Piano and Orchestra, co-written by Fikret Amirov and Azerbaijani Jewish composer Elmira. Nazirova. Other works will include the famous violin concertos by Felix Mendelssohn, a Jewish-German composer of the Romantic era, Nevita Kodalli, a renowned Turkish composer, and George Gershwin, a famous Jewish-American composer and New York native.

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