Music always connects people: composers Salim-Sulaim on the first track “Salaam” from the album “Bhoomi 22”

Renowned music composer duo Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, known for their indie tracks with diverse musical influences, have unveiled “Salaam,” the first track from their album “Bhoomi 22.” The track is a curtain raiser for the duo’s new album, ‘Bhoomi 2022’, and a collaboration between Salim-Sulaiman and Ayisha Abdul Basith, a 17-year-old UAE-based singer and digital content creator known for her songs. spiritual on social networks. .

The lyrics to ‘Salaam’, which was released on Salim-Sulaiman’s Merchant Released label on October 6, were provided by Kamal Haji. “Bhoomi” is a series of songs that are part of the Indian tradition with devotion, fused with elements that have a very new age sound. Speaking to ANI about it, composer Salim said, “This is the 3rd season of Bhoomi. We always include devotions, Sufi song and bhajans in our album. Music always connects people and we receive tremendous responses from everywhere for ‘Salaam’. ‘Bhoomi’ has 10 songs. Our second song will be released on October 20, Sunidhi and Ash King are the singers.”

Sulaiman added, “We always try not to hurt anyone. We tried to collect all the songs from every corner of India and do our best to spread happiness in the world with the help of music.” ‘Bhoomi 2022’, a musical movement by Salim-Sulaiman in association with GoDaddy started 2 years ago and follows the successful big chapter of ‘Bhoomi 2021’.

Salim-Sulaiman brings together all musicians from all over India, bringing authenticity to musical influences in varied melodies across the country. (ANI)

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