Microsoft settles lawsuit with Halo Composers

One of the Halo composers involved in the ongoing lawsuit with Microsoft reveals that the case was settled out of court between the two parties.

halo composer trial

Since the advent of the original Xbox, Halo has existed in several different mediums outside of video games. From Books to Live Action Movies and Recent Halo A TV series on Paramount Plus, the series went beyond games. However, following the Halo television series, as well as numerous other cases that span two decades, a lawsuit has erupted between Microsoft and some of the early Halo composers.

In February of this year, it was announced that Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori, Halo The composers who worked on the first installments of the franchise had filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in June 2020. The composers claimed they owed royalties dating back 20 years. However, it appears that the lawsuit has been settled between the two parties.


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On Twitter, Marty O’Donnell, one of the songwriters who filed the lawsuit against Microsoft, revealed that the lawsuit was resolved out of court. While the finer details weren’t covered, judging by the good-natured tone of the tweet, it looks like there won’t be any more issues between Microsoft and the two composers.

For some fans, this lawsuit may have been somewhat worrisome, considering how much Microsoft is dealing with right now. Live-action production in progress Halo would certainly require a great deal of attention and resources. Not to mention all the additional content being developed for Infinite Halowhich in itself has caused its own share of problems.

Currently, Infinite Halo has fewer concurrent players on Steam than Halo: The Master Chief Collection. There are probably several reasons for this huge disparity, but perhaps the most prevalent is the lack of new content that Infinite Halo possesses. Since the release of the Season 2 multiplayer content, there has been little to no additional content for players to experience in the game.

However, that doesn’t mean 343 Industries will leave. Infinite Halo in its current state. There have been many rumors and leaks of additional in-game content for Infinite Halo, like the leaked Battle Royale mode. Without speaking about Halo Infinite taking Forge mode will probably be released soon as well, which will allow Halo fans to create their own content and modes. Hopefully new information regarding new content for Infinite Halo will be revealed in the coming months.

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