Joker Composers’ Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack Debuts With Gorgeous Vinyl Art [EXCLUSIVE]

The thrilling soundtrack of Battlefield 2042made by Joker composers Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater, is released on vinyl with stunning cover art. Released in November 2021, the first-person shooter takes players to the near future for firefights on huge destructible and interactive maps. The first one Battlefield 2042 season H-hour recently attracted gamers to the game, and now fans can soon own the game’s thrilling soundtrack on vinyl.


While the game initially launched to much criticism, DICE has taken steps to fix and improve Battlefield 2042 since launch. The title was considered buggy and unpolished when released, but hundreds of technical issues have been addressed through several patches to smooth out the FPS experience. Seasonal updates also added new content to Battlefield 2042, responding to criticism that the game launched without several expected features. The Season 1: Zero Hour and Season 2: Master of Arms updates recently added new maps, new playable specialists and several new weapons to the near future military simulator after a long delay of Battlefield 2042 Season 1.

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To celebrate the game’s intense music, Screen Rant can exclusively feature the vinyl artwork for the next Battlefield 2042: Official Soundtrack. The soundtrack was composed by two-time Grammy Award, Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA Award winner Hildur Guðnadóttir and music producer and producer Sam Slater. two-time Grammy Award-winning composer, who previously collaborated on the twisted DC Comics. Thriller in French Joker and the historical drama miniseries Chernobyl. Battlefield 2042 marks Guðnadóttir’s first video game score, and each track perfectly punctuates the action during the game’s massive multiplayer firefights. Battlefield 2042: Official Soundtrack the double LP, which comes with a gatefold sleeve and full-color inner sleeves, will be available November 4. Pre-orders are currently available in the Americas via Lakeside Archiveswith Invada supply the rest of the world.

Battlefield 2042: Official Soundtrack Features Intense FPS Melodies

While the output of Battlefield 2042: Official Soundtrack will commemorate the last entry in the franchise, reports indicate that the next Battlefield The game will return to the series’ roots by refocusing on story-driven campaigns. Battlefield 2042 surprisingly, it lacked a single-player story mode, with the title’s near-future setting instead being fleshed out solely through multiplayer gameplay. However, brand new Seattle-based developer Ridgeline Games is apparently working on a new Battlefield game that will focus on story, narrative and character development by telling a unique story through a single-player campaign.

Although the game lacks a single-player story campaign, Guðnadóttir and Slater’s intense original score helps set the tone and mood of Battlefield 2042 and its war-torn world. Music plays a big part in the overall experience, and fans will soon be able to get the Battlefield 2042: Official Soundtrack to enjoy the masterful score at home. The vinyl version comes with an awesome sleeve and inner sleeves, making this package perfect for any fan of Battlefield 2042 or the work of Guðnadóttir and Slater on Joker.

Sources: Lakeside Archives, Invada

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