Intimate Music Room Redbird Listening Room Inspires New Braunfels Songwriters

The Redbird Listening Room was opened by a family from New Braunfels in April 2021 with the vision of creating a unique listening experience for listening to music and the work of songwriters.

The owner of red bird, Dallas Terrier, opened the small room alongside his family. Burrow has been writing and performing music since he was a teenager and was inspired to create a space for songwriters to comfortably share their work in an intimate setting.

“My background as a performer and songwriter was really the inspiration to create a place that was the kind of place I would want to go play,” Burrow said.

The Redbird has created an environment in which songwriters display their art, primarily in solo performances, Burrow said. Viewers are encouraged to silence their cell phones and refrain from speaking in order to immerse themselves in the lyrics.

All songwriters from all genres of music are welcome at The Redbird to perform their original work, but the venue most often features country, blues, folk, and American music. The venue also gives songwriters the chance to share the story behind the lyrics they’ve been inspired to write.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the reception we received from the general community,” Burrow said. “As well as many great artists who, once they’ve played here, more often than not, all want to come back.”

Burrow said part of the inspiration behind the creation of the Redbird was to carry on the legacy of Kent Finlay, the original owner of the Cheatham Street Warehouse in Saint Mark.

The Redbird was built after a complete renovation of a house built in 1933. The completed project incorporates the rustic charm of the original house with a new functional space that can accommodate 60 people.

“[Performing artists] are still excited about the beauty of this room and the quality of the sound here,” Burrow said. “All that old wood provides a very good listening experience as far as acoustics go.”

The Redbird Listening Room

1260 Business I-35, New Braunfels 830-606-7886 •


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