Folk songs that ignited passion during the independence movement

The people of Telangana today celebrate the eighth day of the formation of the state. Since 2014, 02 June is observed as the day when the state was formed after the passage of the Telangana Bill in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. On this day, people remember the birth of the state and the struggles it went through during the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

But this victory was not a piece of cake, the hard efforts of people from all walks of life, from employees to farmers, from students to businessmen, helped to make this dream a reality. Apart from them, musicians and singers played a vital role in waking people up with their punchy lyrics. Although the list is quite long but to name a few – Deshapathi Srinivas, Vimmalakka, Gaddar, Dharuvu Yellanna and Guda Anjaiah.

Their words inspired the people of Telangana to be part of the movement and exert tireless efforts until the goal is not achieved. It ignited people’s passion and brought them into the field of war.

Written by revolutionary balladist Gaddar, the popular song – Podusthunna Poddumeeda, which was sung by the shrill Vimalakka, brought tears to my eyes. This song topped the charts during the Telangana movement.

Here are some folk songs which were popular during the Telangana movement –

1. Podusthunna Poddumeeda

2. Gajjelu Gajjelu

3. Veerulara Vandhanam

4. Jai Kotti Telangana

5. Nageti Salallo

6. Asaidula Haarathi

Other songs including “Idi Telangana” by Deshapathi Srinivas, “Vanamma Vanamma” by Jayaraju, “Pommante Povera” by Gorati Venkanna and “Nala Nalla Regalla” by Vimalakka were downloaded and played at large gatherings.

Due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations of the eighth day of statehood have been kept low-key. But the state government spares no effort to keep Telangana on the path of development and well-being.

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