Concordance of composers to present COMPOSERS WITH DRINKS LISTENING TO MUSIC in October

On October 14 at 7 p.m. at the Gallery MC, Composers Concordance will present a Live concert by the podcast ‘Composers with drinks listening to music’. Hosts Gene Pritsker and Seth Boustead discuss a featured booze, listen to theme-centric music, and talk about the sounds they hear when booze loosens their inhibitions. Guest composers include Lynn Bechtold, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Gilbert Galindo, Ginka Mizuki and Clemens Rofner.

Poet and show regular Robert C. Ford (aka The Wall Street Poet) will be on hand to provide the booze inspired by this show’s theme: “Spontaneity.” The CompCord Ensemble consisting of Lynn Bechtold – violin, Michiyo Suzuki – clarinet, Molly Aronson – cello and Jai Jeffryes – piano, will perform compositions from this episode live at the MC Gallery while everyone involved listens, chats and drinks the night.

Compositions featured include Gilbert Galindo’s “Microcosms”, Charles Coleman’s “Isolation”, Seth Boustead’s “Blue Angel” and Gene Pritsker’s “Spontaneous Salon”, as well as arrangements of music by The Flaming Lips and “Cannonball” Adderley/ Nat Adderley.

Staying in rotation for 39 years in New York is a rare feat. In the case of a new music delivery organization, this requires not only diligence and knowledge of past accomplishments, but also an ethic of staying attuned to emerging stylistic and technological developments, as well as talented new composers on the scene. Composers Concordance, founded in 1984 by Joseph Pehrson and Patrick Hardish, advised by Otto Luening, strives to present contemporary music in an innovative way, with an emphasis on thematic programming. Producers Gene Pritsker and Dan Cooper co-host the programs and conduct the CompCord Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra and Big Band. The associate directors are Milica Paranosic, Peter Jarvis, Debra Kaye and Seth Boustead. Composers Concordance has also created a label distributed in Naxos: Composers Concordance Records, co-directed by Peter Jarvis. The overriding vision of Composers Concordance is to promote contemporary music, composers and new works as a legitimate and respected part of society. Great music performed and well recorded, pushing the boundaries of sound and composition.

TICKETS are $20 in advance; $30 at the door. There will also be a FacebookDirect.

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