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Norman Lebrecht

October 28, 2022

The American classical music publisher G. Schirmer (part of Wise Music Group) has reached an agreement with the Exilarte Center for
Banned music in Vienna to restore the music of composers banned under the Nazi regime.

The initial production of Schirmer and Exilarte will be 300 songs, 100 chamber music works, 50 orchestral works, several operas and numerous
film music. Robert Thompson, President of G. Schirmer/Wise Music, said, “Exilarte has been a beacon since 2006 as the leading institution in locating, restoring and making available musical works by composers lost in the Holocaust. Their work is vital, valuable and honorable, ensuring that these composers who were silenced during World War II are not forgotten.

Currently, Exilarte represents the estates of 30 composers and musicians. Among them are Hollywood composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold, prolific Viennese star Walter Bricht, songwriter Wilhellm Grosz and German lieder author Gustav Lewj.

Here is a full list:
Ferdinand Adler
Walter Arlen
Anita Bild
Walter Bricht
Theo Buchwald
Julius Burger
Marta Eggerth
Robert Freistadtl (Frey)
Richard Fuch
Hans Gal
Robert Furstensaal
Guillaume Grosz
David Grunschlag
Richard Hoffman
Hugo Kader
Jan Kiepura
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Gustav Lewis
Egon Lustgarten
Maria Piscator
Erwin Piscator
Eric Sander
Andre Singer
Walter Susskind
Richard Tauber/Mary Losseff
Georg Teintner
John Urban
Edouard Van Clef
Hans Winterberg (pictured)
Walter Würzburger

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