Composers Concordance presents ‘Operas, Songs, & Poems’ next month

On June 25 at 8 p.m. ET, contemporary vocal music and poetry recitations intertwine on Concordance of composers‘s concert event titled ‘Operas, Songs and Poems.’ This 3rd annual collaboration between NYC and the artists of Beacon will be held at the Howland Cultural Center, which was the first building in the town of Beacon to receive the distinction of being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. David Amram‘Pull my Daisy Reimagined’, ‘Canneling Twain: Advice for Our Time’ by Faye-Ellen Silverman, ‘Snow’ by Debra Kaye and ‘The Meeting’ by Gene Pritsker, a mini-opera on a story by Roger Aplon, will be In star.

The concert will also be broadcast live on Composers Concordance Facebook page.

a??Covid Health and Safety: Masks are still mandatory. To attend the concert you must be fully vaccinated with proof at the door.





Composers: David AmramWilliam Anderson, Charles ColmanDan Cooper, Brad Hubbard, Debra Kaye, Eugene W. McBride, Craig Pallett, Gene Pritsker, Faye-Ellen Silverman and Roger Tréfousse.


CompCord Set:

Charles Colman – baritone

Adriana Valdez – soprano

Juan Del Bosco – tenor

Gene Pritsker – electric guitar/bandleader

William Anderson – classical guitar

Franz Hackl – trumpet

Brad Hubbard – bari sax

Jai Jeffryes – piano/bandleader

Eugene W. McBride – piano

Roger Aplon – poet/narrator

Robert C. Ford – poet/narrator

Special guest artist: David Amram

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