CHAD KROEGER of NICKELBACK is “one of the great rock songwriters of our time”

In a new appearance on the “Pat’s Soundbytes Unplugged” podcast, NICKELBACK bass player Mike Kroeger called his brother, NICKELBACK leader Chad Kroeger, “one of the great rock songwriters of our time. I think he belongs in the conversation of the greats of this moment in history and the last 20 years,” he added. “And it’s okay [if some people don’t give him enough credit]. History will be the ultimate judge. And all is fine.

“We never got into this stuff for accolades from our contemporaries or our communities or for awards or anything like that; it was never really the motivation for us, ‘Oh, we just gotta go out and win a grammys,'” he explained.

“It’s another opinion. Art is an opinion. We create opinions to publish, and then people have their own opinion about it.

“Every person, I think, interprets a song in a different way, and I think that’s kind of the magic of this one,” Mike added. “You can throw the same song at 10 different people, and you might get 10 different responses about what it’s about to them, what it means to them, how it makes them feel. I think that’s the much of the music.”

NICKELBACKThe story dates back to 1995 in Hanna, Alberta where they started playing covers in a band called VILLAGE IDIOT, a nod to the nature of the small towns where they played and grew up. In 1996, Chadnext to Ryan Peakdid the 10 hour trek west to follow Mike in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the band still resides and continues to make music today.

The group’s numerous successes, coupled with worldwide sales of over 50 million albums sold, seal their status as one of the best-selling groups of all time and the second best-selling foreign group of the 2000s in the States. United, behind only THE BEATLES. The very popular hit “How you Remind Me” had been named Billboard“Top Rock Song Of The Decade,” which contributed to the publication’s decision to crown NICKELBACK “Top Rock Group Of The Decade” shortly after.

beyond their Juno Awardsthe group received nine Grammy Award nominations, three American Music Awardsa World Music Awardsa Audience Award and seven MuchMusic Video Awards. They were inducted into Canada walk of fame in 2007.

NICKELBACKthe tenth studio album by, titled “Get Rollin'”was released on November 18.

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