BMI celebrates legendary songwriters Steve Wariner and David Malloy | New

Pictured (top row LR): Shannon Sanders and Michael Collins of BMI. (middle row LR): LuAnn Davidson, Leslie Roberts and Josh Tomlinson of BMI with Sam Severs and Ryan Wariner. (bottom row LR): Kathy Anderson, Melody Malloy, David Malloy, Clay Bradley and Nancy Moore of BMI, Steve Wariner, Mason Hunter of BMI and Matilda Severs and Caryn Wariner.

BMI celebrated legendary songwriters and soon-to-be Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees Steve Wariner and David Malloy at a luncheon in their honor on Wednesday, August 24. During the event, the company presented them with BMI’s signature “Million-Air” awards, which commemorate songs reaching one million plays. Collectively, Wariner and Malloy had a total of over 43 million performances. The 20 titles honored at the luncheon played back-to-back would total a staggering 247 years of continuous play.

Award-winning songs for David Malloy included:

“Love Will Change You” (3 million)
“Drivin’ My Life Away” (5 million)
“Got Too Far” (1 million)
“You Can’t Run From Love” (2 million)
“True Love” (1 million)
“I love a rainy night” (6 million)
“Suspicions” (3 million)
“Someone Might Lose a Heart Tonight” (2 million)
“Step by Step” (3 million)

Award-winning songs for Steve Wariner included:

“I Been There” (1 million)
“Holes in the Ground of Heaven” (2 million)
“I have dreams” (2 million)
“I’m already taken” (1 million)
“I Should Be With You” (1 Million)
“Long neck bottle” (1 million)
“Nothing but taillights” (4 million)
“Two Tears” (1 million)
“Where Did I Go Wrong” (1 Million)
“Where the Blacktop Ends” (2 million)
“You can dream of me” (1 million)

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