Behind The Gray – Thoughtful and Personal Folk Songs

behind the gray

Fia Rua

Singer / Songwriter

It takes Irish singer, songwriter and actor Eoghan Burke time to release albums – seven years after The Sky Went Low and the Sea Went High landed Behind the Gray in 2014.

It was not his intention to title the record that way but, when Covid-19 arrived, his original title of After the End required delicate adjustments; as for the narrative fabric, Burke, a member of Galway’s Urchin Collective, writes: “Although a few of the songs were influenced by what was going on, a Covid album is something I don’t want to do.”

Maybe it’s for the next album, then? For now, the songwriter offers songs and music that take you on a hushed journey from late night to early morning. Inspired by a series of concerts in Switzerland and their post-show discussions of the merits of focusing on lyrics and vocals, the songs here were mostly recorded in a living room of a Georgian house in the suburbs of Dublin.

As such, there are no fancy or elaborately produced sound tunes, but rather thoughtful, sometimes personal folk songs that mix the past (The Ballad of Tony Dunne, Clongorey Evictions) with the present focused on the pandemic (The Hand That I Seek).

The end result isn’t music that screams for your attention – Burke would much rather persuade than pressure – but if you stick with it, you’ll listen and love what you hear.

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