5 songwriters you need to know shared by Bella Deer

An up-and-coming singer-songwriter that Haim and Weyes Blood fans will appreciate, Victorian Bella Deer recently released her debut single “Bloom.”

A haunting indie beat that jumps to a joyous beat, Bella’s dynamic and powerful voice shines like a beacon as she sings to find her own self-confidence.

“This song is about struggling with self-confidence and finding the courage to just be yourself and accept who you are and what you stand for,” Bella said.

“When you start doing this, you find acceptance despite those fears. It also explores the frustrations of the lack of meaningful human relationships in our society in a tech-obsessed world.”

Deer worked with fellow Victorian James Duggan (True South Film) for the song’s music video, which was filmed in Ceres.

“The ‘Bloom’ video explores the power of vivid color and light; it symbolizes letting go of the inner darkness and doubt that has stared you in the mirror for some time.”

Ahead of her next live show at the Door Gallery Cafe (near Geelong) on ​​November 19, Bella shares five of her favorite songwriters here.

voodoo child

Italian artist from Milan whom I really respect regarding his writing, his artistic vision and his aesthetic.

Their song ‘Pandora’ is one of my favorite songs of the past few years. It’s a simple song, but it’s the first song that I completely learned and committed to singing in Italian. Their melodies immediately catch my attention.


A group of five musicians from the Netherlands. The moment I heard Kensington I was immediately impressed with their sound, presence, musicality and frontman Eloi Youssef’s vocal ability. Her voice is so rich, unique, powerful and full of tone. Their writing is so captivating. Couldn’t believe how huge they are overseas, but barely heard of here in Australia.

The Jezebels

I saw these guys play for the first time in 2011 in Geelong. I felt they were incredibly well rehearsed and sounded exactly like their record.

I saw Hayley Mary perform at Queenscliff recently and she was absolutely outstanding. I almost couldn’t believe it had been so long since I had seen The Jezabels in concert. His voice, his songwriting and even his onstage banter were on point.

I’ve always found her inspiring (maybe I’m a little fan girl and told her when I asked her to sign my tee, no ra-grets) and hope I can be somewhere near of where it is in the years to come.


I loved Laurel’s songwriting from the moment I first heard her. Really eye-catching and fresh. I really want to see her live in the near future.

Georges Moire

George’s songs appeared on my weekly discovery and he is still relatively unknown. I chatted with him on Instagram. I really like his song ‘Flowers’, and I hope he can come and do some gigs here in Oz because I think he would be very popular.

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