10 singer-songwriters to listen to if you love Taylor Swift, according to Reddit

Since debuting her self-titled studio album, country pop hybrid Taylor Swift has proven to be an effervescent presence in the music industry, innovating by playing the game on her own terms. The Pennsylvania singer ranks alongside big names in research like Cher, Madonna and Beyoncé for reinventing her sound with every album release. In addition to singing and writing her original hits, Swift has contributed to popular soundtracks such as Cats, The hunger Games film franchise and fifty shades darker.


During her 16-year reign, Taylor Swift has influenced many artists around the world. So, Reddit users have spoken out on which singer-songwriters Taylor Swift fans should add to their music library.

Nina Nesbitt

Scottish-born Nina Nesbitt burst onto the music scene in 2011. Known primarily as a pop singer-songwriter, Nesbitt assimilates R&B and indie vibes beautifully into her original sound. Reddit user anoceanview thinks Nesbitt is “very underrated, wish more people knew about her”.

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Ironically, Nesbitt has said more than once that Taylor Swift was a musical inspiration to her. “Summer Fling”, hypnotic but whimsical, is one of his deepest hits. With an impressive repertoire under her belt, the sky is the limit for Nina Nesbitt’s musical future.

Ed Sheeran

Before his memorable cameo on game of thrones season 7 premiere, Ed Sheeran was primarily known as an English singer-songwriter. Sheeran’s smooth voice is complemented beautifully by his Irish folk-pop and soft rock sound.

Some of Ed Sheeran’s most popular hits include “Thinking Out Loud”, “Shape of You”, “Make It Rain”, and “Bad Habits”. Although Sheeran has undergone a musical evolution in recent years, Reddit user b1ame_me believes that he “still makes good songs”. Ed Sheeran is well known for his collaborations with beloved artists such as The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem.


Norwegian-born singer-songwriter AURORA is known for her unique sound. She combines elements of Nordic folk and artpop in her music. Redditor InstantKate thinks AURORA is a great composer “in a language that is not her mother tongue”.

The Norwegian artist’s ethereal tones are front and center in the title track of her 2015 album Run with the wolves, and AURORA would expand her public appreciation when she began contributing original songs for various film and television productions. She provided backing harmonies alongside Idina Menzel for Frozen 2“Into The Unknown”, a song personifying Elsa, Disney’s most heroic princess.

Florence welch

Redditor Clickyticks thinks Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch makes music that can be “as heartbreaking and/or as catchy as Taylor’s.” Hailing from London, England, Welch is the driving force behind the indie rock band’s extraordinary songs, beginning with 2008 jammer “Dog Days Are Over.”

The gothic pop tune of 2011’s “Shake It Out” strikes the listener’s soul on a deeper level. 2015’s “What Kind of Man” and “Ship To Wreck” are among Welch’s most powerful songs, with the former’s lyrics about a fickle man easily being a millennial “You’re So Vain.”

Brendan James

Reddit user DJjazzyjeff13 says Brendan James is “little known, but one of my favorites”. Hailing from New Hampshire, James conjures up the essences of musician Ron Pope and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin in his vocal performance.

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Brendan James has a sentimental and upbeat depth to soft pop/rock songs. Such vibes can be heard in his 2015 single “The Lucky Ones”. Another beautiful song from 2015 is “Bring My Love Home”, delivering a joyful feeling with its sweet lyrics. Although he is considered underrated, Taylor Swift fans would greatly appreciate the talents of Brendan James.

Christina Perry

Reddit user shadesofwrong13 thinks singer-songwriter Christina Perri “is very similar to Taylor’s style”. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Perri is a rather underrated artist. From the vaudevillian “Mine”, to the subdued melody of “Arms” and the poignant “Jar of Hearts”, Perri’s incorporation of heart and soul into his music is unwavering.

Christina Perri achieved international recognition for “A Thousand Years,” her original ballad for the much-loved Dusk film, Breaking Dawn: Part One. A re-recorded version featuring Steve Kazee appeared in the final film. Since the song’s debut, it has become popular at millennial weddings.

Hayley Williams

Hailing from Mississippi, Hayley Williams is best known as the lead singer of alternative rock/new wave band Paramore. The group released hits such as “Misery Business”, “Crushcrushcrush” and “Ain’t It Fun”. One of their most recognizable songs is “Decode”, an original emo/pop-punk ballad for Duskthe soundtrack of the first film.

This editor think williams solo album Flowers for vases “reminds me a lot of Taylor’s music”. No matter the song, Hayley Williams combines power and artistry in her pop instrumentals and lyrics. “Airplanes,” a 2010 collaboration with rapper BoB, is an example of Williams’ talents.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is a multi-talented TikTok queen. Known for her collaborations with fellow female artists Nicki Minaj and SZA, Doja Cat mixes hip-hop and electronic notes in her music. Reddit User CaitlinSuccess thinks Doja Cat “has some very clever lyrics”.

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Doja Cat’s deep rapping abilities make her a deep musician. His songs have a dual purpose of being dance hits with meaningful lyrics about love and life. She also places equal emphasis on other creative avenues, such as her makeup collection with vegan makeup brand BH Cosmetics.

Fiona Apple

New York native Fiona Apple has been a pop empress since the mid-90s. Apple is famous for incorporating abstract transparency into her discography. A redditor deleted praises the baroque pop singer-songwriter for having a “more experimental approach to songwriting”.

Fiona Apple’s music is for listeners who want to connect more sincerely with a song, wanting lyrics that perfectly capture their feelings. What puts Apple at the top of the musical hierarchy is its persistence of originality in its works. She stays true to her artistic self without conforming to the masses.

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves read her musical debut in 2008, but she wouldn’t hit mainstream status until 2018. Hailing from Texas, Musgraves is a country-pop hybrid, much like Taylor Swift. Editor misha_92 praises Musgraves for making his music “relative to all who listen to it”.

Musgraves is continually refining his artistic sound as his experience in the music industry grows. His discography consists of sweet love songs and powerful uplifting ballads, covering a variety of meaningful subject matter. In 2022, Kacey Musgraves covered “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, one of the best songs from Baz Lurhman’s musical biopic Elvis.

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