What famous book characters would look like in real life

A description from Herman Melville’s book: “He looked like a man cut from the stake, when the fire devastated all his limbs without consuming them… His whole tall and wide form seemed made of solid bronze and fashioned into an unalterable mould, like Cellini’s sunken Perseus… Working its way through his gray hair, and continuing down one side of his scorched, tawny face and neck, until it disappeared into his clothes, you saw a mark in slender rod shape… marked… What have I got to do with this pipe? This thing that’s meant for serenity, to send soft white vapors through soft white hair, not through ragged iron gray locks like mine. I won’t smoke anymore… His eyes were like powder cups… It almost seemed as if while he was drawing lines and paths on the crumpled maps himself, an invisible pencil was also drawing lines and paths on the map deeply scarred with sound forehead… His firm lips met like the lips of a vise; the delta of the veins of his forehead swelled like overloaded streams. He never touched supper; nor harvested his beard; growing dimly all gnarled, like unearthed roots of toppled trees, still growing lazily from the bare base. If you’re looking for new places to explore, here are the 12 best cities in the world for book lovers.

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