Tom Douglas’ new movie ‘Love, Tom’ is a love letter to songwriters and Nashville

by Cindy Watts


Prolific hit songwriter Tom Douglas has added the filmmaker to his credit with his latest project, “Love, Tom.”

The film, which debuts on Paramount+ today (February 24), is narrated by Douglas, who reveals how his past struggles influenced his creative process and reminds viewers to never give up on their dreams.

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“He’s trying to tell a story in hopes that I’ll disappear, and it becomes your story,” Douglas told his friend Tim McGraw at a recent screening in Nashville. “We’re trying to create this canvas (where) the audience can project their life.”

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From executive producers Douglas, Tommy Douglas, Austin Fish, Jason Owen and Michael Lennox, “Love, Tom” is produced in association with Sandbox Productions in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content division.

McGraw calls the film “a love letter to songwriting”.

Douglas agrees but says it’s more than that.

“It’s one thing to be broken, but part of it is context; it’s just the way you see it,” says Douglas. “It’s a love letter to the songwriters, but it’s a love letter to Nashville, to the world. It’s a letter of hope. “hope is really a very active word. Hope is progressive. It comes to life. If there is inspiration or hope that someone will come out of it (“Love, Tom”), it worth it.”

Douglas says what draws him to stories is “the brokenness”.

“I want to know how you overcome failure,” Douglas says. “I want to know what you do in desperate times. That’s what I want to show. The struggle is proof that you are on the right track. Looking back, I thought, “It’s so hard. It must mean I’m doing something wrong. But through the pain, it is really the beauty that is revealed.'”

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