‘Saranga Dariya’ to ‘Bullet Bandi’: Six Telugu Folk Songs That Invaded Reels

From posting covers of the songs to dancing their hearts out, these songs have helped many Reels users discover their talents.

When the pandemic forced the world indoors for more than a year and a half, many found a major source of entertainment in social media. Several people have also started showing off their dancing and acting skills through shorter videos on Instagram Reels. Many Telugu songs have also found their way into the trend, ranging from popular movie songs to folk songs by independent artists in the Telangana dialect. From posting covers of the songs to dancing their hearts out, many Reels users have made a name for themselves on the social media platform. We bring you a list of six Telangana songs that have become a favorite on Reels.

Ball band: This popular song, which was produced by Bluerabbit Entertainments and sung and performed by Mohana Bhogaraju, has been viewed over 51 million times on YouTube since its release in April 2021. However, the song became hugely popular when a wife of Mancherial from Telangana used the song to express their love to the groom during their baraat ceremony. The video went viral and thousands of people posted videos of them dancing to Bullet Bandi on Reels.

Aada Nemali: This song, sung by folk singer Kanakavva and Mangli, was released on Mangli’s YouTube channel and became extremely popular. Aada Nemali is a lively folk song about the monsoon and the mood of the peacocks during this season. The catchy song has become a favorite among social media users.

Watch the video of Ball band:

Watch Aada Nemali’s video:

Sittapata Sinukulaku – This folk song, sung by Prabha and Gajwel Venu, was produced and released by Amulya Studios. The song is about a wife asking her husband why he didn’t come home the night before despite the rain, and the hilarious banter between the two. Sittapata Sinukulaku’s mass beats are irresistible, even to celebrities.

Watch the video for the song here:

Kolu Kolu: This song is from the movie that hasn’t been released yet, Virata Parvam, with Sai Pallavi and Rana Daggubati, and is sung by Divya Malika and Suresh Bobbili. The folk song also has several small-screen celebrities dancing to its tunes on Reels. With an easy beat and melodious music, this love song is perfect for showing off your dancing or line singing skills.

Watch the video of Kolu Kolu here:

Saranga Dariya: This controversial song was originally popularized by folk singer Komala Totte when she sang it on a reality TV show over a decade ago. However, he came back to prominence when a version of the song was released from Sai Pallavi’s film. Love story. Saranga Dariya’s catchy tune makes her a favorite for dancers on Instagram.

Watch the video of Love story here:

Reddy Gaari Ammayi: This interesting love song is sung in Hyderabadi Telugu dialect by Afroz Ali and Aishwarya Reddy. Reddy Gaari Ammai is a popular song among teens and celebrities because cover videos can be made to sound like conversations.

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