Most Popular Songs to Celebrate Biden’s Victory

YG’s “FDT” [“F**k Donald Tr**p”] has a 740% increase in downloads

YG featuring Nipsey Russell, “FDT”

He’s too rich, he doesn’t have the answers
He can’t make decisions for this country, he’s gonna crush us
No we can’t be a slave to him
He made me like Obama a lot more
Hi Donald, and all who follow
You gave us your reason for being president, but we hate yours
Damn Donald Tr**p
Fuck Donald Tri**p

Few human endeavors, from the happiest to the saddest, are not accompanied by songs. Weddings, funerals, war, victory. All important, but also inconsequential events, such as elevators and waiting rooms.

This 2020 election, which comes at this time of pandemic pandemonium, has been particularly emotionally intense both before the election and after Biden’s victory was announced. During the campaign, as we reported, Team Trump persisted in using songs for their rallies for which they were denied permission. And which were also just so wrong in every way, like “Fortunate Son” and “YMCA”

As soon as Biden’s victory was announced, despite the predictable certainty that Trump would not accept it (and perhaps annoyed by it), Americans from coast to coast began dancing in the streets. Suddenly, America looked like it did after World War II ended with the ecstatic return of our surviving soldiers; now everyone was the survivor. Those who still remained. It really has become a party in the United States. The song of the same name, a 2009 hit by Miley Cyrus written by Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly and Jessica Cornish, became one of the anthems. It again broke into the Top 200, generated by the victory celebration. It now matches, if not surpasses, “Happy Days Are Here Again” as a must-have song for American celebrations.

It was one of many songs to regain the popularity chosen by the people – a true test – reflected in real-time download counts from Election Day, November 3-7, when Biden’s victory was announced. .

These include “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” a 1969 hit from Steam, “Work That” by Mary J. Blige, “We Are the Champions” by Queen, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, “ My President” by Young Jeezy. and Ray Charles’ version of “God Bless America”.

But the song that received the biggest boost by far was YG’s “FDT,” featuring Nipsey Hussle, which saw over 3,000 downloads on November 7, a 740% increase and the biggest increase of any song. . “FDT” stands for “F**k Donald Trump”. It says a lot about the level of rage this president has engendered — and also about these modern times — that this self-titled song is the most popular. He asserts what is evident, that much of the celebration was fueled more by Trump’s downfall than Biden’s triumph

Here are the most popular songs that became the real-time American anthems of victory and defeat of 2020.

President-elect Joe Biden

So I raise my hands, they play my song,
And the butterflies fly away
Nodding my head like, yeah, moving my hips like, yeah
Got my hands up, they playing my song, you know it’s gonna be alright
Yeah, it’s a party in the USA, it’s a party in the USA

Excerpt from “Party in the United States”
By Jessica Cornish, Claude Kelly and Lukasz Gottwald

“PARTY IN USA.” Americans celebrate Biden’s triumph and Trump’s defeat by dancing and singing together across the country with Miley Cyrus on her hit, written by Jessica Cornish, Claude Kelly and Lukasz Gottwald.

Incidentally, while there are plenty of new songs that reference Miley getting COVID, that’s not true. She has never had it and she is in very good health. Her inclusion was because her name, Miley Cyrus, was a perfect, fun rhyme for Corona Virus. “She was the only choice,” DJ Lazy I of Brooklyn hip-hop group The Katzenhammer Boyz said of “Lock Us Down,” their song featuring Miley. “We considered using his father, Billy Ray Cyrus,” he said. “But it wasn’t as funny. It was sad, actually. Because the guy is, like, super old. Then he would be dead for sure.

Since Miley Cyrus caught the Corona virus
You don’t have to be Bill Gates to say the world has gone to hell
I won’t make this bozo-orange clown king
Faux gold bling and counterfeit crown
Dancing like an asshole in my stupid hometown
Lock us up, lock us up, lock us up

Excerpt from “Lock Us Down” by DJ Lazy I, Crackhead Jake, Llama Larry Lemler and Veal Tzedaka

“YMCA” Trump dances after his campaign rallies at the ‘YMCA’
Written by Jacques Morali, who produced the record, and Victor Willis, it was the first hit for The Village People, from their 1978 album, Cruise.’ (1978). It is considered the first openly gay celebratory song to become a hit. Oddly enough, it was Trump’s favorite post-Rally dance song.

Young man, there’s a place you can go
I said young man when you run out of money
You can stay there and I’m sure you’ll find

Mall the ways to have a good time.
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

They have everything young men can enjoy.
You can hang out with all the boys.
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA”

Excerpt from “YMCA” by Jacques Morali & Victor Willis

‘NA NA HEY HEY’, by Steam, 1969. Written by Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer, it was a number one hit that the songwriters recorded at the Mercury in New York on a drum track taken from another song; DeCarlo sang lead vocals. They released it as Steam, a fictional band made up for this song.

So dog-goned willin’, so kiss it
(I want to see you kiss it, I want to see you kiss it)
Go ahead and kiss it goodbye, now
Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye

Excerpt from “Na Na Hey Hey” by Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer

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