mogulaiah: Mogulaiah turns to Youtube to make popular songs popular | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Soon after Padma Shri award winner Gussadi Kanakaraju established a school to teach tribal dance, another tribal folk artist, Darshanam Mogulaiah, also a Padma Shri award winner, decided to use the latest technology to keep folk art alive.
Nagarkurnool district collector Uday Kumar on Tuesday unveiled the Kinnera Mogulaiah channel logo on YouTube, which Mogulaiah will use to popularize tribal folk songs and art. “I got encouragement from the collector who suggested I promote the tribal songs and music that I’m known to sing and play,” Mogulaiah said.
After receiving the country’s fourth highest civilian honor, Mogulaiah met the collector who told him to make his songs and music available to everyone and that an exclusive social media channel would serve that purpose.
Mogulaiah’s performances will be uploaded to the channel.
According to Chandu Naik, who helps Darshanam Mogulaiah, the kinnera artist was invited to perform in Bhopal on April 16. Another program is being prepared at Anantapur in AP.
Nagarkurnool district authorities are also trying to find a way to help him record his songs in studios.
Mogulaiah, who has lived through poverty, was recently spotted at Achampet in Nagarkurnool making a mentally ill man wear clothes he had brought for the man who wandered the streets. A clip of this has now been uploaded to his channel.

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