Louisville orchestra to pay composers to live and work in Shelby Park in most ‘ambitious’ project in years

The Louisville Orchestra has announced the creation of an annual residency program for composers, the Creators Corps.

Under the program, three composers – who can come from any musical background, not just classical/orchestral music – will live and work in Shelby Park for a minimum of 30 weeks, although some may reapply or renew their position for one to two more years. They will also receive housing, health insurance, studio space and a salary of $40,000.

The Creators Corps program was developed by LO Music Director Teddy Abrams. In a press release, Abrams called the Creators Corps “the most ambitious large-scale project the Orchestra has undertaken since my arrival in Louisville.”

Creators Corps participants will compose new pieces for the Louisville Orchestra, participate in Orchestra programming, and undertake various other tasks to engage with the Orchestra and the community of Shelby Park and Louisville more broadly.

“The concept developed from four critical lines of inquiry:,” Abrams said, “how can we establish Louisville as a global center for music creation, how can we reposition composers as visible leaders with public service responsibilities, how can we provide our city with a direct and deep connection to the process of artistic creation, and how can we offer a 21st century response to the historic project of commissioning and recording the first edition The resulting concept will be a great experiment – a first among American orchestras – to employ (and house!) several full-time composers (called creators to represent all musical genres) who will regularly present new music for the orchestra and the community beyond, serving as creative artists committed to helping our city grow and prosper.

If you would like to join the Creators Corps, click on this link for more info and to apply. Ideal candidates are “early to mid-career creators with bold ideas about writing and interacting with an orchestra,” the Orchestra said. They also “have distinct artistic voices, are dedicated to community and education, and care deeply about grounding their musical practice in social engagement.”

Applications will be open until May 2. All applicants will be notified of their application status at the end of May. The finalists will be announced in mid-June. The residency period will begin on September 1.

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