List of Kikuyu Folk Songs You Should Listen to Right Now

Kenya is home to various tribes, and Kikuyu is one of them. In particular, Kikuyu musicians motivate listeners with their music, for example, old Kikuyu folk songs. They mainly discuss daily events or deepen discussions on domestic and everyday issues.

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Kikuyu folk songs have inspired countless souls, and through their moving melodies, many people have actually learned a thing or two. These songs were used to teach children how to behave, and sometimes also adults.

Kikuyu folk songs for download

These songs usually sound great and are a wonderful way to take you back to a time when music was only about a certain message. The videos or audio of the songs may be on YouTube, but they may not be of the highest quality. This is an old list of Kikuyu songs.

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1. “Ciira wa Mama Ciru” by Charia Ungi

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One of the traditional folk songs in Kikuyu is this song by Charia Ungi. This song is about a man who went to his fiancée’s house for some business after she ran away and he brought village elders to speak on her behalf. In the African community, if the bride ran away or if there was a problem at home, the husband would call the village elders together to find a solution.

2. “Wambui wa Maitu” by Joseph Kamaru

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In this song, a father tells his daughter to stay chaste so that she can be more precious to her future husband and he (the father) will receive a quality dowry prize. He further tells the listeners how he made sure that the girl is protected from any possibility of losing her chastity.

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3. “Nguina Ndina Tha” – Joseph Kamaru

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The message of this song is “I sing when I’m sad”. The singer complains about how the Kikuyu clan has become distant or away from each other.

He complains that it makes him sad and that he has nothing left to live for. He refers to the Kikuyu community as a movement that resembles a bee moving from flower to flower in search of nectar, as the community does not settle in one place.

4. Mwomboko “Ndongomothi” by SM Kariuki

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The singer suggests that everyone should have a desire. For him, straight breasts are a “delight”, that’s what he wants. Light-skinned daughters are loved by the father and “sold” for much more than dark-skinned daughters. He also sings for the rich and his instrument despises the poor.

5. “Nyumba ya Mwari Witu” by Joseph Kamaru

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The song is about “my sister’s house”. The singer, Joseph Kamaru starts by talking about his sister and how she got married into a wealthy family and how well her house is built, especially the roof. It is one of the best kikuyu folk songs because you can easily dance to it.

6. “Githina” by SM Kariuki

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The song warns people against the troubles that result from bad deeds. The singer advises not to expect anything good until bad things are done.

7. “Chunga Marima” by Joseph Kamaru

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Chunga Marima is to warn people to be careful in case of danger and not to go to dangerous places. The singer warns people that things haven’t changed much since colonial times. The black people who came to power are not that different from the white colonizers and people shouldn’t be gullible.

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8. “Teacher Mwarimu Witu”

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It is not known who sang the song, but school children sing it. This song is about a teacher who told the students to go harvest corn without permission. Part of the lyrics says, “our teacher, you did wrong to tell the children to go to the garden to harvest the corn without permission.”

9. “Nyumba ya Mumbi” by Joseph Kamaru

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If you are looking for traditional Kikuyu songs and dances, this is it. The song is so catchy that we couldn’t resist. It is a song to remind different Kenyan communities where they come from and where they are going. How Kenya persevered in the hands of the colony. There is no limit to the distance they can travel.

If you didn’t know of any Kikuyu folk songs, you do now. Most of these songs are catchy and easy to dance to. These folk songs draw heavily from the traditional values ​​of the African tradition.

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