Lady Gaga Discography: Least Popular Songs by Album Based on Spotify Streams

Lady Gaga hits the Billboard Hot 100 every time she releases new music. The singer kicked off with her debut single “Just Dance” and her latest hit of 2020, “Rain On Me,” featuring Ariana Grande.

However, despite having millions of streams on different online platforms, not all of his songs are well received by the public as some of them lack success.

From “Dance in the Dark” to “1000 Doves,” here are Lady Gaga’s least popular songs based on Spotify streams.

Brown Eyes – The Monster of Fame

Lady Gaga’s least-streamed song from her debut album ‘The Fame’ is ‘Brown Eyes’, with 17,090,796 hits on Spotify.

Released in 2008, the song has been described as Mother Monster’s most autobiographical track on the album. The concept of the song is “lost love”, which most people can relate to.

The song was recorded after Gaga drank a lot of red wine and cried because of her feelings.

“I wrote this song a long time ago and I had never had my heart broken like when I wrote this record”, described the singer.

Dance In The Dark – The Fame Monster

For his second album “The Fame Monster”, the least listened song on the disc is “Dance In The Dark”, with a total of 37,419,025 hits.

Written by Gaga and produced by Fernando Garibay, the track was released in 2009 along with other songs from the disc.

The song was supposed to be the next single after her collaboration with Beyonce for “Telephone”, but there was a dispute between the singer and her label, Interscope Records.

In a previous interview with MySpace Music’s “The Feed,” Gaga revealed that the song is about her “fear of being a freak” and being uncomfortable having sex because of her body image. .

The Queen – Born That Way

Lady Gaga’s “The Queen” from 2012’s “Born This Way” album has a total of 6,779,124 streams on Spotify, making it the least streamed song of her entire solo discography (excluding transitions album).

The song was announced during “The Monster Ball” in Antwerp in 2010 by revealing a line of the music.

Mother Monster revealed the song was about bravery and wanting to be scared in a tweet.

The track was also dedicated to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially gay men.

“There’s only one thing I think of when I hear ‘queen,’ I think of all my gay boys. So this one’s for you fucking queens tonight!” Gaga said during a show in Washington in 2013.

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Jewelry and Drugs – ARTPOP

“Jewels N’ Drugs” is a collaboration between Lady Gaga, TI, Too Short and Twista. The hip hop/EDM track has 14,652,260 streams on the platform.

In a previous interview, Twista said he was doing songs with Gaga’s producer, DJ White Shadow, and he reached out to him, saying the singer might get her involved in a track on the album.

Gaga also described the song in a comment, saying the DJ was from Chicago and the music was inspired by the city’s Illinois trap influence.

Angel Down (work strip) – Joanne

Released in 2017, “Angel Down (Work Tape)” has 18,797,335 on the platform.

The track is a demo version of the same title, which is included on her fifth studio album, “Joanne”.

In an interview, Gaga said the song was inspired by the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who George Zimmerman shot in 2012.

1000 Doves – Chromatica

For the last song on the list, Lady Gaga’s “1000 Doves” has 34,062,144 on the platform.

In a comment written on Spotify, the singer described the song as a “call for help”.

“This song is a promise that I will keep trying like I did in the beginning when it was hard,” she wrote.

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