Jacob Collier Discography: Least Popular Songs by Album Based on Spotify Streams

Considered one of the most influential musicians of the current generation, Jacob Collier has been praised and praised by music critics and legends for his insane ability to master different types of instruments and produce all of his songs at the home.

With four studio albums and three Grammy Awards to his credit, the 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist proves that his musical talent can inspire younger generations to come.

Despite his popularity on different music streaming platforms like Spotify, not all of his songs were hits as there were low streaming numbers.

From his debut album “In My Room” and his Grammy-nominated “DJesse Vol. 3” for Album of the Year, let’s dive into Jacob Collier’s least-listened to songs throughout his discography.

Sometimes I think of you

“Now And Then I Think Of You” is the musician’s least listened to song from his debut album “In My Room”, with 986,124 hits.

The song is considered an interlude because it never featured lyrics. However, Collier managed to mix chaotic sounds with her vocals.

Released on July 1, 2016, his first album is a collection of original compositions and covers. The record was a hit as it gave Collier two Grammys for “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella” for her cover of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I”.

He also picked up “Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocal” for the cover of “Flinstones.”

Eternal movement

The next song is “Everlasting Motion” from his second album “DJesse Vol. 1”. The track has amassed 951,471 streams from its Spotify catalog.

Besides the Grammy-winning singer, the song also featured vocals from Moroccan artist Hamid El Kasri as well as other cultural instruments from other countries.

Released on December 7, 2018, all of the songs on her second album featured the Metropole Orkest accompanying her vocals and compositions.

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“Outro” is Collier’s penultimate song on her third album, “DJesse Vol. 2.” The song got 687,613 streams, making it the least streamed song of all his albums.

The track featured wordless vocal harmonizations, electric guitar riffs and heavy drums.

Released in 2019, his third album also became a hit and is well-loved by fans as one of his songs, “Moon River”, won a Grammy Award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella.

light it up on me

The last song on this list, “Light It Up On Me”, got 890,313 streams on its Spotify catalog.

Released in 2020, the song featured trippy, distorted music, seemingly referencing all the songs from her fourth album, “Djesse Vol. 3.”

His latest album is the third installment in his “Djesse” series. A fourth has yet to be announced.

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