Featured folk songs and organized music program

: On the fifth day of the Satatya Ekagra event held under the 75th Azadi Amrit Mahotsav, folk songs and music were performed.

On Sunday, Nirgun singing by Mansingh Bhondia and group – Dewas and Duldul Ghodi by Rajmani Tiwari and group – Rewa were performed. The program started with the welcome of the artists, during which the artist was welcomed by the director of culture Aditi Kumar Tripathi.

The Nirguna chant was performed for the first time in the program. The artists performed Ganesh Vandana Teen Lok Ki Thapi Tharpana.

After that they performed Satguru ji…, Sadhu Bhai, Satguru mile Gela Pave…, Bhai sadhu…, Sumar Sumar Hari Naam Gela Gam Ka…, presented hymns.

During the presentation, Mansingh Bhondia was accompanied by Anoop Singh Chauhan on co-vocals, Mangilal Chauhan on Harmonium, Laxmicharan Jhabar on Dholak, Ghanshyam Rao on Violin and Manoj Ghudavad on Nagdia.

The second presentation was Duldul Ghodi through Bagheli folk songs.

The tradition of Duldul Ghodi dance dates back to 200 AD. This dance was performed in the courts of Raja Maharaja and at village fairs. During the presentation, the artists went to More Rama Risan, did not celebrate…, Magan Bhaye Tulsi Hari guna ke…, Sab din hot na ek din samana…, the chunaria. .., Kehi Rang Mungwa, Kehi Rang Motia…, Tied head Mukut Khelain Holi (Fag song)…, performed on folk songs. In the dance, Rajmani Tiwari, Ratnesh Goswami, Badal Nat, Rajveer Tiwari performed a dance performance.

At the same time, the program was broadcast online on various social media platforms.

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