Classical dances performed on popular songs: not to be missed

Indian classical dances are often praised and appreciated for their graceful and balanced movements. Accompanied by gestures, details and precision, Indian classical dances have maintained their own position and aura in the field of dances. Many of these classical dances are usually performed to certain selected rhythms and produced from instruments like tabla, sitar, sarangi and more. However, classical dances are also choreographed to Bollywood songs and other music.

We have extraordinary classical performances on some of the most iconic and popular songs.

O Re Piya – Nuances of Kathak

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan does not have a single leap in his discography. O Re Piya has ruled hearts since its release, and it will go down as everyone’s favorite. Shades of Kathak, which features Vaidehi Lachheta, Nandini Goyal and Uditi Singhal, perform delightful Kathak choreography on this song. In beautiful outfits, the trio matched each beat and symphony, leaving viewers mesmerized.

Credits – YouTube ShadesOfKathak

Aaoge Jab Tum – Sukruti Airi

Sukruti Airi choreographed and performed a seated classical dance cover to the song “Aaoge Jab Tum”. A seated choreography means that only the upper part of the body dances or moves. Sukruti Airi’s body control and smooth movements are magnificent! Every gesture and every expression is made with delicacy, as if to tell a story. An effortless dance cover, it also seemed to have therapeutic qualities. Certainly the art that Sukruti has delivered is one to keep close to you.

Credits – YouTube Sukruti Airi

Srivalli – Nrityam Team

The Nrityam team, consisting of talented performers Shristi Maharjan, Arsia Manandhar and Riyana Manandhar, deliver a Kathak dance cover to the song Srivalli. The trio excelled in coordination and the energy throughout is staggering. Grace and elegance dripping with dance cover, Team Nrityam raises the bar again!

Credits – YouTube Nepa Dance Academy

Mere Dholna – Nidhi and Neha

‘Mere Dholna’ from ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ is a well-known song, and was used in one of the most pivotal scenes in the film. Vidya Balan gives a classical dance performance to this song. Since then, several choreographies have been organized on this song. Nidhi and Neha choreographed a semi-classical Bharatanatyam dance cover. Brimming with enthusiasm and glow, the duo put their hearts into this dance cover.

Credits: YouTube Nidhi and Neha

Lagan Laagi Re – Vishaka Saraf

Vishaka Sarraf choreographed and performed a dance cover to one of Amit Trivedi’s most iconic songs, Lagan Laagi Re. A fusion of freestyle and kathak, Vishaka Sarraf shows creativity in his choreography. The dance cover is shot beautifully, with compelling shots and elements. The videography captures Indian culture in its entirety – Vishika’s dance and the architecture surrounding it.

Credits – YouTube Vishaka Saraf

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