A bird brings Vietnamese folk songs to the world

Singer Huong Thanh was born and raised in a family with a tradition of performing early music. She is the daughter of reformed artist Huu Phuoc, the younger sister of famous singer Huong Lan. From an early age, Huong Thanh was deeply exposed to Vietnamese cai luong and folk songs.

Artist Huong Lan (black ao dai) and his sister – artist Huong Lan

After his family moved to France to settle in 1988, Huong Thanh continues to bring Vietnamese traditional music melodies and lyrics to audiences across Europe.

Artist Huong Thanh candidly confessed, “For foreign audiences, it is important that they experience and understand Vietnamese folk music first through instruments specific to national identity. very difficult thing.

In the following years, Huong Thanh continued to collaborate with Nguyen Le, with the help of many international music producers, and made albums with a Vietnamese identity, mingling with the sounds of the time, from That brings stories from Vietnam far.


Huong Thanh: A bird brings Vietnamese folk songs to the world - photo 3

In 1996, the meeting with Nguyen Le, a Franco-Vietnamese musician-guitarist, helped him enter the brilliant world of jazz.

Moving to Asia, the group “Camkytiwa” due to its isolation continues to create a strong resonance, harmonizing Vietnamese folk songs with musical instruments from 3 Asian countries on tour around the world. genre.

Huong Thanh: A bird brings Vietnamese folk songs to the world - photo 4

The group “Camkytiwa” is composed of 4 female artists from Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam.

The singer has spent her entire singing career in the West spreading the beauty of the Vietnamese language. She is considered a “messenger” of early music and Vietnamese folk songs in Europe.


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